About VPA

About Vantage Point Archery

Over the past several years Vantage Point Archery has become known as the breakthrough company developing the toughest broadheads by which all others in the industry are measured. The company’s rapid growth can be attributed to strength, quality, performance and customer service that is second to none, as well as the fact that all of our products are “Proudly Made in the USA”.

The seeds for Vantage Point Archery (VPA) began to be sown in the early 2000s with four friends and business acquaintances, Jeff Miller, John Haifley, Tim Rosswurm, and Ray Prillaman.  Having many discussions about new and existing products in both the archery and hunting industries, this group felt most products seemed to fall short of expectations.  With more and more products being imported from other countries, many of the consumer goods we purchase each day have seen a sharp decline in quality and durability. Having all grown up in large hunting communities, the VPA team, as with many others, had experienced, heard of, and/or read about the various shortcomings and failures related to the broadheads that were on the market.   We found ourselves on a quest to design a new broadhead that would do it all: quickly and efficiently dispatch big game in every scenario or angle that may present itself.  In order to do this, it would have to hold together, keep its edge, penetrate like there’s no tomorrow, and leave good blood trails. Having extensive backgrounds in machining and design, and having several contacts in the steel and hunting industries, we set out to develop tougher broadheads than the market had to offer.  Early in 2008, the initial 3 blade prototypes were machined and quickly began proving themselves in the field.   They were initially produced to satisfy our own needs and to share with friends, but the word spread quickly, and the birth of a new business was on the horizon.

In 2009 Jeff, John, and Tim formed Vantage Point Archery, Inc.  Ray had previously established Rayzor, Inc. some years prior.  The two companies teamed together to introduce Vantage Point Archery and its products to the archery and hunting Industries.  VPA was to handle the manufacturing.  Rayzor, Inc. would handle the initial marketing, exports, and other distribution.  We would work together to design and develop what were to become the toughest broadheads on the market. We introduced the first machined in one piece, from tool steel, 3 blade broadhead to the industry. The 2 blades came shortly thereafter.  Our broadheads’ superior performance in the field quickly resulted in nicknames like “Penetrator”, lead to our “Bone Splitting Performance” slogan and clearly supported the earlier slogan of “This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Broadhead”.

VPA’s offerings have since grown to include over forty 2 and 3 blade models …the largest selection in the industry. Our offerings have expanded to include ILF Risers, small game points, and other archery products designed with superior strength and quality in mind. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products are sold and have taken countless trophies, on several continents, worldwide, including several Archery No.1s.  We have been featured in numerous national and international publications. Our products provide superior performance on any game, in every environmental condition on the planet, each time and every time!!! Whether you are new to the industry, well seasoned or a Professional Hunter, VPA offers something for any archery enthusiast.
In 2016, Rayzor, Inc. will be changing primary concentration to focusing on developing and releasing new product lines and limited run items known as the VPA Custom Shop.  The focus will also be to continue building relationships with our industry partners in the field. We together are committed to ensuring VPA remains a world leader in new product innovation, design, and development

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