Andy Ivy

“I was born and raised on a farm in South Africa, and have been involved in the safari industry for a long time. I killed my first plains game animal at 7 years old hunting with my Father and have never looked back. At 14 I got my first bowkill and bowhunting has been a way of life for me since that day.

Bowhunting has taken me around the world, I’ve had the honour of hunting some of Europe, the South Pacific Islands, North America and Southern Africa. I love to chase new species, with every new animal comes a new challenge, adventure and experience. I am a strong advocate of Fair chase hunting, and stress there is a lot more to the hunt then just the horns.

I hunt with longbow and compound. If I’m not out bowhunting, I’m thinking about bowhunting, If I’m not thinking about it I’m doing it as my Job. For the last several years iv worked full time as a Bowhunting Guide in Australia and South Africa. I have a wonderful Family that have always supported and share my passion for the outdoors.” Andy Ivy – Australia