Jody Cyr

Jody Cyr is a 33 year old Elementary/Middle School Principal living in Drain, Oregon. He is married to a very understanding and loving wife Sara and has a 3 year old daughter named Brooklyn. You’ll often find the three of them on adventures looking for sheds, calling predators or just enjoying what the outdoors have to offer. Jody has been fortunate enough to grow up hunting Roosevelt since a very young age. His passion of chasing the brush dwelling, black antlered, giant bodied animals only grows year after year. When not hunting Roosevelt Elk, he concentrates most of his hunting efforts on the other game species Oregon has too offer with a major emphasis on Blacktail Deer. He is, however, always up for the challenge of chasing new species in a new state. Jody generally hunts 3 or 4 different states a year for anything he can acquire a tag for. While Elk hunting is his true passion, he really enjoys sharing his hunting stories and experiences with young students who are so eager to learn about the sport that has defined his life.