Joel Turner

I have been hunting nearly my entire life, but my focus has been drawn to traditional archery and watching the mystical flight of a well shot arrow. I have dealt with target panic since I picked up my first recurve 30 years ago. I’ve struggled with this demon just like countless other archers. I tried every patch or supposed cure that was presented, only to watch it fail because I was not getting to the true cause of the problem. It was through my unique firearms training opportunities that I found and developed the mental mechanics of shooting for both firearms and archery. I developed a system that not only teaches an archer where to put concentration in a shot, it teaches an archer how to actually concentrate under stress. This system is not a patch. It is a complete system that allows the archer to delegate tasks in the mind to gain complete control of the shot. The archer will not only know they are going to shoot a perfect arrow, they will have a specific plan on how they are going to accomplish that controlled shot. Shot control is within all of us, we just need to be given the blueprint to success. IRONMIND Archery Systems will put the control back into your shot for your moment of truth.