Maribeth Kulynycz

My name is Maribeth Kulynycz and I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland where I work as a cosmetologist and author. Being raised by a Natural Resources Police officer I was basically born with a love for the outdoors coursing through my veins! I was also taught to see beyond the kill, to appreciate nature for all it has to offer and because of that I savour every moment under those open skies! I shot my first deer at age 9 and have been hard at it ever since! Not only am I a deer hunter, but I also am an avid turkey, duck, goose, rabbit, dove hunter and fisherwoman! I love capturing photos from the stand and sharing a view with people who don’t understand our way of life. I am all about educating our future generations and instilling the love for the outdoors in their young minds! And of course every time I go out, I always have my pink VPA broadheads in tow! They are my broadhead of choice and have been for years! I am beyond thrilled to represent for them and share my passion with the world!