Rory Smith

“Hunting and the outdoors have always been a part of who I am. I was very fortunate to have grown up in a tiny country township with ‘the bush’ being little more than a short walk from our front door. I recall first the disbelief, and then the uncontrollable excitement that I felt when I took my first animal after many, many attempts; a rabbit that I killed using a small recurve bow and a wooden shafted arrow at about the age of twelve. I have been utterly infatuated with bowhunting ever since. I now own and run a bowhunting pro-shop, Broadside Archery here in Australia which keeps me very busy but I still hunt nearly every week and make time for a few longer trips each year. Hunting the deer species of Australia is my passion however I aim to pursue as many different species of game animal world-wide as I am able. The sport is rapidly growing in popularity in Australia, and I aim to do everything I can to help foster it’s development in this hunting-rich country. I am very proud to be a VPA Pro-Staff member and wouldn’t have anything else except a VPA on the front of my arrows!” Rory Smith