Scott Meadows

Scott Meadows

My name is Scott Meadows from a small country town in outback Australia called Cobar. I have a delightful and understanding partner in Gemma and three wonderful children in Jasmine, Joshua and my little princess Jordan.

I was introduced to archery at 13 years of age and started hunting not very long after taking a rabbit on my very first hunt.  I had some great mentors growing up from within our archery club who took me under their wing and taught me the ways of the bush in showing respect and appreciation for the animals that we were to hunt and the country we were to hunt them on.

Bow hunting is my passion and with a burning desire my appetite and hunger for it has just exploded over the years.  It’s not always about the thrill of the stalk or of the taking of an animal; just being with nature on its own is enough for me and a hard earned trophy is just an added bonus.

The mateship and camaraderie that comes from within the bow hunting fraternity truly is amazing and remarkable.   I’m just as happy for a friend as they are themselves in the taking of a trophy whether it is a rabbit or that trophy buck or stag of a lifetime.

I quite enjoy writing about my hunting exploits and often contribute to various magazines within Australia and via social media and hopefully abroad in the future as there are many places and species I would like the pleasure to see and pursue.

I hunt with both compound and recurve bows choosing Hoyt of which I have two and an Australian made Huntsmen recurve along with a bear take down as well, the one thing they all have in common is that a VPA broad head is on the end of the arrow.  The capability and strength of these heads to perform flawlessly with style and ease with many variations in size and weight for the hunting archer is a testament to the brand.