Ulrik Orskov

Ulrik Orskov

I’m a 25 year old vet student and freelance hunting journalist living in Copenhagen, Denmark.


As a kid I was running around with the neighbour boy on my grandparents farm, building shelters, having campfires, shooting homemade bows and catching animals. I always imagined growing up living like an Indian. Reality soon caught up with me and I started crying from the thought of growing up and having to do paperwork. From my love of animals I wanted to be a veterinarian when Indian was no longer an option.  At the age of 16 I started hunting with rifle and shotgun but turned back to shooting and hunting with the bow four years ago.

Besides Denmark I’ve hunted in Sweden and Germany but the vast untouched lands, impressive mountains and wild animals of Australia and New Zealand will always be something special that draws me back and keeps me longing to get out. I will be hunting elk for the first time in the backcountry of Oregon coming September, and possibly work as photographer in Canada October/November for 2 weeks. Then onto NZ to hunt tahr, chamois and red deer for 4 weeks.

I film my explorations to keep the memories alive, and edit some into short-films for YouTube.

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