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House approves bill striking down Biden's crackdown on hunting and archery in overwhelmingly bipartisan vote

For those focused on preserving values, past times, and educating the future of our nation - we encourage you to take five minutes to understand the newest threat against outdoor enthusiasts. 


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Action Alert

"Ensure Archery Classes and Hunter Education Continue to Receive Federal Funding🏹

The Department of Education misinterpreted language passed in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and determined in-school hunter education and archery classes are no longer eligible to receive federal funds.

Tell your senators and house representatives to contact the Department of Education and ask them to restore funding eligibility for these critical programs."

-Archery Trade Association (ATA)

VPA has worked with its representatives to encourage action, which has been successful.

Linked below is a letter from multiple members of congress, sent to Secretary Cardona urging the department of education to suspend its current handling of this issue.

Additionally, we’ve linked a new bill, which has the opportunity to end the department of education’s direction on spending.

Please take time to contact your representatives in support of H.R.5161.

"Tenney defends hunting and archery classes in schools"

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