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We want to honor those who have selflessly put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms. Now and always, we remember the courageous men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Their bravery and dedication will never be forgotten.

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Thank you, and we proudly remember those who served.

VPA leads the way in precision machined one-piece products. We develop the toughest broadheads by which all others in the industry are measured. Our rapid growth can be attributed to strength, quality, performance, our commitment to U.S manufacturing, and customer service that is second to none.

Single Bevels
Deeper penetration and damage through spiral wound channels.
Bone-splitting penetration through uniquely designed ferrule and tanto tip.
Superior blood trails through pyramid-style chiseled points.
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Our mission at VPA has always been to create and supply durable, American-made broadheads to the market to make bowhunting more ethical. All VPA Products are CNC Machined from one solid piece of bar stock. No welds lines or brazing provide our products with ultimate strength and durability. Shoot a broadhead you can trust - shoot VPA.

VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead
VPA Omega Broadhead

VPA Omega Broadhead


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Say hello to the new VPA Omega Broadhead! A solid, one-piece, precision-machined, American-made broadhead that combines all the desirable features of a single bevel head with the strength of double bevel head. And the greatest feature of all? It’s patent-pending LAYFLAT™ sharpening technology makes it the easiest two-blade ever to sharpen.

The smoothly integrated ferrule forms a wedge from tip to tail, designed to hold the wound channel open allowing the arrow shaft to pass through without interference. The sharp Tanto tip cuts on contact, time-tested for penetrating meat and bone. Directly following the tip is a massive asymmetric blade section that uniquely combines the bone splitting action of a single bevel broadhead with the inherent toughness of a double bevel broadhead. After the bone begins to split, the mechanical advantage of the wedge-shaped ferrule acting in concert with rotation of the true single bevel blades cause devastating fracturing of the bone. The sharp single bevel blades then slice through arteries and organs like a fine razor, causing massive bleeding and deep penetration.   

Machined from S7 tool steel and hardened to 56-58 Rockwell, the VPA Omega is manufactured from a premium material that improves durability, dependability, and edge retention.

The VPA Omega broadhead is stronger than any other Single bevel on the market. Here’s why…

Looking from the tip, the first third of the broadhead is an offset diagonally symmetric double bevel at 40 degrees. The following two-thirds of the broadhead is a single bevel at 26 degrees from the factory.  

The double bevel portion of the broadhead integrates the blades and the ferrule in an offset diagonally symmetric monolithic unit – creating our patent-pending LAYFLAT™ sharpening technology.  This geometry allows the double bevel blades to initiate rotation through bone and tissue as if it were a single bevel broadhead, while maximizing all the strength inherent in the integrated ferrule and blade design.

In addition to making this broadhead extremely easy to sharpen, the LAYFLAT™ sharpening technology allows for the single bevel portion of the blades to be micro-beveled at 40 degrees - if desired by the hunter. This optional microbevel further enhances the durability of the blade edges when encountering bone.

The VPA Omega features a 1 1/16" cutting diameter - designed purposefully to maintain excellent flight characteristics while also aiding in deep penetration and minimizing deflection from bone impact. This game-changing broadhead sets a new standard for single bevels.

Single Bevels have skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple years, and there’s no questions why — they cause devastating fracturing of the bone. The major drawback of Single Bevels, however, is that they can be extremely difficult to sharpen. Typically you must purchase a jig or tool to maintain the correct angle of the heads when sharpening. With the VPA Omega, that drawback is eliminated. All that is required to sharpen this head is the head itself and a sharpening stone, sandpaper, or whatever you prefer to sharpen with. To sharpen this broadhead, you simply lay it flat and push forward. No jig required - it’s an end to the old way of doing things. Minimal work - maximum results.

The VPA Omega is the only single bevel broadhead you can sit in the tree stand and resharpen with ease – no jig, no hassle. This never-before-seen technology makes the VPA Omega revolutionary – it’s quality, dependability, and effortless maintenance makes it unlike any other broadhead on the market.  Shoot, resharpen, reuse, repeat.

Note: Match right bevel with right helical vanes/feathers and left bevel with left helical vanes/feathers. Broadheads come with a factory grind. Final sharpening is recommended prior to hunting.

Mechanical Advantage of the ferule is 8.5

Grain Weight

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"The best broadhead that is out there. Strong, steady, and durable - will not use anything else"

Mario V.
South Africa

"You can't ask for better customer service"

Lonnie S.

"Great products, fast shipping, made in USA. Whats not to like?"

Kevin S.

"These heads are built like tanks and they work! If you’re thinking about single bevel heads, you can’t go wrong with the 200 grain."

Brian P.

"Just found my new favorite broadhead. My arrows fly like darts with them. They're scary sharp right out of the package. Liked them so much I ordered more last week. Oh...shipping is unbelievably fast. Great product and great service."

Terry C.

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